Global 3, TF-VKA

Information from the designer

The design and construction of the aircraft took 5 years and more than 6000 working hours, from June 2003 to May 2008. Construction of individual parts started after one year of design work. Design and construction was then done hand in hand.

 Design Concepts:

Global 3 technical information

Item value
Seats 3
Basic operating weight 1079 lbs
Maximum gross weight 1770 lbs
Stall speed 62 knots
Cruising speed 115 knots
Maximum speed 160 knots
Climb rate 1100 ft/mín.
Service ceiling 15.000 feet

I have not yet found a propeller manufacturer to make a propeller with folding blades. Present propellers are one piece fixed pitch, but the search for a manufacturer of folding propellers continues.