Lockheed ER-2 from NASA operating from Keflavik International Airport.

Here are some photos from Tuesday, April 17 taken during the operations of the Lockheed ER-2 (TR-1 or U-2R) from Keflavik. The captions
tell the story behind each photo. Note that during the landing phase, the atmospheric conditions for photography were extremely bad, caused
by the heat haze or warm air rising from the runway. This distorts all photographs taken through such air, and especially those taken with a
telephoto lens, like the 100-400 mm lens I was using to catch the landing from taxyway Echo.

The pilot, Tim Williams walks out to his plane prepared for the six hour mission in the cramped cockpit

The canopy is closed and the plane ready to start the engine.

Tim Williams in his cabin, preparing for the flight.

Starting to taxi out to runway 02 for takeoff.

Here on taxiway Sierra waiting for permission to go to the runway.

Shown soon after liftoff. Tim did not go to the end of the runway, as the aircraft only runs for about 1500 feet on the ground before liftoff.

Climbing away. The outrigger wheels fall off when the aircraft lifts off.

Climbing steeply and rapidly to its operating altitude of 65.000 feet.

Here just after touch down on the souther part of runway 02. The heat haze from the rising surface air, distorts the straight lines in the photograph.

Stopped and the other pilot in the fillow up car has reaced the aircraft and mechanics are already installing the outrigger wheels.

I was permitted to follow the ER-2 and its two follow up cars across the runway to its hangar. Taken through the front window of my car.