Avro Lancaster at Keflavik and Reykjavík

Arvo Lancaster VR-A from the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum landed at Keflavik on August 6, 2014 on its way to Great Britain. There it would
spend over a month flying displays with the only other flyable Lancaster in the world, that belongs to the Royal Air Force Battle of Britain flight.
The day after, it flew to Reykjavík for a display allowing spectators to get a glose up and a walk through to experience the aircraft hands on. This was made
possible  with the cooperation of the Canadian Embassy in Iceland and Icelandic authorities and enthusiasts. It was extremely well attended by the Icelandic
spectators that had nothing but praise for the aircraft and its crew.


Approaching Keflavik

Low pass Keflavik

Landing Keflavik

Taxying in at Keflavik

Low pass Reykjavík

Landing Reykjavík

On display Reykjavík

Startin engines Reykjavík

Take off Reykjavík