Visit to Akureyri and flight to Holuhraun.

These photographs are taken on November 4, 2014 during a mission to Akureyri to photograph some of the based aircraft and one of the Myflug aircraft in the vicinity of Holuhraun.
Žorkell Įsgeir Jóhannsson was my pilot in Super Cub, TF-ABM. First is the legendary Taylorcraft Auster Va, that was the second air ambulance in Iceland and belonged to the legendary Björn Pįlsson. Now owned and here flown by Capt. Siguršur Ašalsteinsson of Akureyri. Then we followed Cessna U206G from Myflug over to the Holuhraun eruption. Lastly we were able to catch two of the training aircraft from Flugskóli Akureyrar, Piper Warrior, TF-FAA and Piper Tomahawk TF-FAD