Northern Viking 2008, Thursday, final day.

The morning started early with a flight in KC-135R 63-0352. Takeoff at 0903 and landing at 1200. One thing to be careful about are the windows that you can
photograph through. The main window for the boom operator is of fine quality, but the ancient and venerable KC-135 of 1963 vintage has a tendency to leak
hydrolic fluid onto that window as the flight progresses, so even though the crew wiped that window before the flight, after 1 to 2 hours of flight there are streams of fluid
on the window. The problem is trying to avoid them as well as framing the subjects in the window. I shot a lot of frames and here is the cream of the crop. Some
as you can see are shot from the small rear side windows that often are scratched and fogged up. These were relatively good, but as can be seen in some of the
photos, there are bad portions even in them. But the crew was very helpful, as were the fighter pilots being prepared to pause for a while while I got my shots and even
come up in formation which obviously makes the scene much more imposing. A great big thank you to everyone that made these four days so enjoyable and fruitful.