Aircraft in and over Iceland
by Baldur Sveinsson


Note that the text of the book is in Icelandic.
An English supplement text is being prepared.


Return to Index Reykjavik, December 6, 2007 My new book is now flying and climbing.
Todays weekly list of book sales in iceland puts it in the 7th place in the General category. Last week it was number 9.
This is the front cover.
Update February 21. The book sold out in Icelandic stores before Christmas, but about 300 of the 3000 copies were then returned after the new year.


Return to Index The book is 386 pages and is in six chapters and has two photo apendices.
The chapters are:
1.  Passenger aircraft (Icelandic)
     108 photos
2.  Private aircraft (Icelandic)
      44 photos
3.  Historic aircraft (Icelandic)
      47 photos
4.  State owned aircraft (Icelandic)
      22 photos
5.  Aircraft of the Iceland Defense force
      56 photos
6.  Visiting aircraft.
      67 photos
App1. All types of Iceland registered aircraft 225 small photos
App2. techincal and historical facts for the aircraft in the main part.129 small photos.
This is the back cover


Return to Index Here is a low resolution image of one of the pages from Appendix 1.
It includes photographs of all types and most subtypes of those aircraft that have been on the Icelandic register and also those that operated in Iceland before the current CAA registration started. There is also a count of how many of each subtype have been on the register and the source of the photos. In some cases I have been fortunate to get photos from good friends of those few types that I never got to photograph.

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