A few words about Baldur Sveinsson.

Baldur is a retired teacher of mathematics and computing with the Commercial College of Iceland in Reykjvík. This institution has kindly granted space for this web site.

His hobby has always been airplanes and aviation history. He did a lot of plastic modelling until aviation photography sort of took over in about 1975. He photographs almost every airplane that he can get close enough to.

Main aviation interest can be divided into three categories.

  1. Military aviation in Iceland (lately the P-2 Neptune has taken a lot of time and effort, see the Neptune pages).
  2. Aviation in Iceland.
  3. Then of course everything else.

He has written and illustrated three photographic books on Aviation in and around Iceland in additon to a number of articles on aviation both in Icelandic and foreign journals. The Books are:

  1. Flugvélar á og yfir Íslandi (Aircraft on and over Iceland). 2007. Sold out (see: here)
  2. Flugvélar 2008 (Airplanes 2008) 2008. A few available from author. (see: here)
  3. Flugvélar 2009 (Airplanes 2009) 2008. Available from author (see: here )

Address (for those who might want to assist with the Neptune project) or have historical photos relating to Iceland
(Icelandic aircraft and aircraft of the Iceland Defence Force from any time.)

Slow mail:
Baldur Sveinsson
Asparfell 2, C.6,
IS-111, Reykjavík
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