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November 30, 2015

57th FIS, The Black Knights of Keflavík 1954 to 1995
Upd. June 11, 2012
with new F-4 photos and new links
Military aircraft in Iceland other than the 57th FIS.
June 21, 2012
Icelandic civil aircraft, big and small in Iceland and other places
June 12, 2007
Foreign airliners and civil aircraft in Iceland and other places.
Upd. June 12, 2007
Aircraft of the Icelandic Coast Guard
Upd. July 26. 2012

Icelandic Flying Academy.

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A small amount of information
               on the photographer
Baldur Sveinsson

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Aviation photographs of aircraft in action taken in and over Iceland over the past years by Baldur Sveinsson.  This site is always being added to. 

Latest update of main pages . Photo mission
to Akureyri and to the eruption in Holuhraun.
When you get to each page, the
index photos are approximately 256 pixels wide and are not meant for real viewing.
Most of these are now arranged in groups. The group index photos are 256 pixels wide and lead to and index with a number of 200 pixel wide photos. Click on each to view 1200 pixel seze photos and the click on the back button to reselect photos.
The older parts of the site are still in a format where you choose between two sizes to view the photographs in.  Click the 640 to get a picture that is 640 pixels wide and 1024 to get 1024 pixel size.

The Lockheed Neptune research project pages. Photographs and information.
More than 2300 photographs of more than 840 known  Lockheed P2V/P-2 Neptunes with historical data on most along with about 160 unidentified ones.

Twelve years of growth
The Lockheed Neptune pages have been updated constantly since
January 29, 1999.
Latest update of the Neptune pages: April 25, 2012. Here is a list of updates.

Below: Just a black Neptune photographed in Japan

The NP-2H belonging to Project Muddy Hill
shown on July 27, 1967.


The page
Willie Victors of the North Atlantic.
was added on September 15, 1999. Photographs of the Lockheed Super Constellations that equipped with radar top and bottom, patrolled the North Atlantic to close the radar gap between America and Europe.
Updated March 22, 2010 with new photos and page.