Canadian CF-18As arrive to take part in Northern Viking 2008

Five Canadian CF-18As landed on runway 11 at Keflavik International Airport on Friday August 30, with the first touchdown at 17:55. It looked the wether gods
were with me because ten minutes earlier it was raining cats and dogs but then the clouds blew away and everything cleared up and the sun shone on the five landing
 aricraft. After they had parked on the old P-3 ramp the heavens opened up again, but that gave the opportunity for some different picures, which I include a few of here.

188770 landed first




188751 was last

188736 turning off Siera taxyway

188763 turning off Siera taxyway

188763 closely cropped

188770 mirrored after a rainshower

188736 with its mirror image

188736 in shilouette