For your info, the BuNo of P2V-5F BE-7 (image file name BE7_b_256.jpg) on your web page  is 127734. That was my fatherís (CDR Don Scoonover XO) plane. Based on other photos I have, I believe it was actually taken on a flight around Oahu. One of the distinguishing characteristics is the MAD boom and plexiglass observerís bow that were removed before the deployment and replaced with guns. (The adjacent photo on the web site with BE-7 taking off shows the guns installed for the deployment.)

 By the way, LTJG Lumley, credited with several photos, was listed in the squadron cruise book as my fatherís copilot in Crew 7.

 Regarding other photos, I believe several of the BE-9 photos were actually taken around Oahu. From the configuration of the land below, one image (127727_BE9_a_256.jpg), is actually over Barbers Point. That picture appeared in the cruise book, and the cruise book image is the same as the one on your website, so, if the ď9Ē was pasted on or enhanced, it was done before printing the cruise book.