Regarding 131448, 6G-207

I was on active duty at NARTU Alameda from July '65 till July '68 as an AE 3/2.  I witnessed P2V "207" make an emergency landing at Alameda and run off the runway into the bay waters.  It suffered an in flight hydraulic failure, and could not lower the flaps, brake, or reverse props.  The pilot blew the emergency brake bottle...but it was too late to keep it from going off the end of the runway into the SF Bay.  Everyone got out all right.  The PIC was a brand new Commander.  The aircraft was buried up to the engine nacelles in the water.  To my surprise the aircraft was recovered and taken to Alameda's O&R for repairs.  I inspected this aircraft upon it's return to the line and found most of the repair work was due to salt water damage.  I sometimes flew aircrew (observer) on P2's and just loved these old birds.  "Two Turning & Two Burning" we used to say. 

I also flew as flight engineer on NARTU C-118's.  During 1968, NARTU Alameda's C-118's were attached to VR 21 at Barbers Point to fly missions to Vietnam.  It was a very long and slow flight for these old "Douglas Hotel's."

Bill Hansen