VP-2 history with Neptunes.

29 Sep 1946: The “Truculent Turtle,” the squadron’s first P2V-1 Neptune land-based patrol bomber, flew from Perth, Australia, to Columbus, Ohio, a distance of 11,236 miles in 55 hours and 18 minutes. The aircraft (bureau number 89082) was manned by Commanders Thomas D. Davies, Eugene P. Rankin, Walter S. Reid and Lieutenant Commander Roy H. Tabeling. The flight was nonstop, without refueling, establishing a world record for nonstop flight. When the aircraft was taken out of service years later, it was placed on display at NAS Norfolk, Va. This historic aircraft is now on display at the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Pensacola, Fla.

March 1947: VP-ML-2 began receiving the rest of its compliment of P2V-1 Neptunes from Lockheed Aircraft Company, Burbank, Calif. These replacements for the PV-2 Harpoons marked the beginning of an intense period of training for all squadron personnel in antisubmarine warfare.

5 Jun 1950: VP-2 was assigned a tour in Alaska for cold-weather operational training. The squadron provided resupply missions for the Oceanographic Survey being conducted in Alaskan waters.

1 Aug 1951: A detachment of VP-2 flying P2V-3Ws deployed to NAF Naha, Okinawa, to patrol the East China Sea and Yellow Sea in the Korean theater of operations. The detachment remained in the combat zone until December 1951, this was squadron’s first and last involvement in the Korean War.

1 Sep 1951: VP-2 became the first squadron to receive the new P2V-4 with the Wright Aero R-3350W compound-turbo engine. Testing of the new engines was performed onsite at NAS Whidbey Island, Wash., without missing deployments. Detachments during this period were assigned to NAS Kodiak, Alaska, and Naha, Okinawa. The Naha Detachment remained until 2 December 1951, flying several combat missions in support of the UN action in Korea.

9 Apr 1954: A Neptune from VP-2 was attacked by a Chinese MiG-15 while on patrol over the Yellow Sea. The MiG made three firing passes and the crew of the Neptune returned fire. There was no apparent damage to either aircraft resulting from the encounter.

30 Nov 1964: VP-2 took first place among the Pacific Fleet squadrons in bombing, mining and rocket competition despite instrument flying conditions during 90 percent of the competition period.

25 Jan 1965: VP-2 relieved VP-6 for a six-month deployment at Iwakuni, Japan. Squadron detachments were assigned to Naha, Okinawa; Sangley Point, R.P.; Taiwan, Formosa; Bangkok, Thailand; and Da Nang and Saigon, RVN. The last three months of the squadron’s WestPac tour was conducted at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, RVN—the squadron’s first tour in a combat zone since World War II.

1 Apr 1966: VP-2 relieved VP-42 for a six-month WestPac deployment at Iwakuni, Japan. Four months of the tour were spent at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, RVN.

1 Oct 1967: VP-2 deployed to WestPac with half of the squadron at NS Sangley Point, R.P., and a six-aircraft detachment at Tan Son Nhut Air Base, Saigon, RVN. The detachment at Ton Son Nhut moved a few weeks later to Cam Rahn Bay, RVN.

17 Feb 1969: The squadron conducted its last deployment, its fourth to the Vietnam theater of operations, based at NS Sangley Point, R.P.

30 Sep 1969: VP-2 was disestablished at NAS Whidbey Island, Oak Harbor, Wash.


Neptune variants assigned.

P2V-1 Mar 1947

P2V-3/3W Nov 1948

P2V-4 Sep 1951

P2V-5 1952

P2V-7 1955

SP-2H 1963


Major overseas deployments

Date of departure Date of Return Wing Base of Operations Aircraft Area of operations
5 Jun 1950  Nov 1950 FAW-4 Adak P2V-3W NorPac
1 Aug 1951 2 Dec 1951 FAW-6 Naha P2V-3W WestPac
1 Sep 1951 1 Dec 1951 FAW-4 Kodiak P2V-4 NorPac
 Sep 1952  Nov 1952 FAW-4 Kwajalein P2V-4/5 WestPac
 Jan 1953  Mar 1953 FAW-4 Kodiak P2V-4 NorPac
 Dec 1953  Jun 1954 FAW-6 Iwakuni P2V-5 WestPac
 Aug 1955  Jan 1956 FAW-4 Kodiak P2V-5 NorPac
 Nov 1956  May 1957 FAW-4 Kodiak P2V-7 NorPac
 Sep 1958  Feb 1959 FAW-6 Iwakuni P-2V7 WestPac
 Nov 1959  May 1960 FAW-4 Kodiak P2V-7 NorPac
 May 1961  Oct 1961 FAW-4 Kodiak P2V-7 NorPac
 Aug 1962  Jan 1963 FAW-4 Kodiak P2V-7 NorPac
 Nov 1963  Apr 1964 FAW-4 Adak SP-2H NorPac
 Aug 1964  Oct 1964 FAW-4 Kodiak SP-2H NorPac
25 Jan 1965 1 Mar 1965 FAW-8 Iwakuni SP-2H WestPac
15 Mar 1965 1 May 1965 FAW-8 Tan Son Nhut SP-2H WestPac
1 Apr 1966† 7 Oct 1966 FAW-8 Iwakuni SP-2H WestPac
25 May 1966† 30 Sep 1966 FAW-8 Tan Son Nhut SP-2H WestPac
1 Oct 1967† 1 Apr 1968 FAW-8 Sangley Point SP-2H WestPac
1 Oct 1967† 15 Oct 1967 FAW-8 Tan Son Nhut SP-2H WestPac
15 Oct 1967 1 Apr 1968 FAW-8 Cam Ranh SP-2H WestPac
17 Feb 1969 17 Aug 1969 FAW-8 Sangley Point SP-2H WestPac