History of VP-3 with Neptunes.

1 Sep 1948. Redesignated VP-3 from VP-ML-3.

1 Sep 1952: VP-3 and VP-34 were the only two patrol squadrons to complete FY 1952 with 100 percent safety marks.

1 Oct 1952: VP-3 hosted 18 officers and enlisted personnel from the Royal Australian Air Force and 21 personnel from the South African Air Force during fa-miliarization training on the P2V-5 aircraft purchased for their countriesí naval air forces.

17 Dec 1953: A VP-3 P2V-5 Neptune, BuNo 124901, and its crew of nine crashed on the Myrdalsjokull Glacier, Iceland. Rescue crews were able to extract only one body from the wreckage before storms sealed it in the ice. The wreckage was spotted again in October 1981, 500 yards from the glacierís edge. The bodies of the eight remaining crewmen were recovered from the ice by the Icelandic Lifesaving Association and returned to the United States.

1 Nov 1955: VP-3 was disestablished with all personnel and assets transferred to VAH-1.

Neptune variants assigned.

P2V-1 1946

P2V-2 1949

P2V-3/3W Feb 1950

P2V-5 Jan 1951