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Click here or on the picture to go to the unit selection page. Major layout change started  on Nov. 20, 2001 with VP-11 and VP-56. Ray Jobes VP-16 page

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Photograph by Baldur Sveinsson and profile below by Jeffery Cultice.MLD_SP2H_202_640.jpg (23851 bytes)

A major program of change in the layout of each unit page has now started and will cover one unit at a time. The major change coonsists in the removal of individual aircraft histories from the unit pages. These will now be accessible through clicking on the BuNo above each photo.  This has a twofold effect. It makes the pages more pleasing to browse, and it allows me to update one page only for each BuNo instead of updating the history of each airplane on all the pages where its history appeared. It does not significantly lower the loading time, as the pages still contain the same number of photos, which take most of the loading time.

I am trying to gather the complete service history of each and every Neptune built. This means recording all the squadrons it served with, during which periods of time and its markings at all times. This will of course probably prove impossible, but I have been fortunate enough to get the support of a lot of good people that either love the Neptune, served on it or both. What I want to show here over a period of time, are some of the fruits of my project. It has extended over 20 years and entailed a lot of letters and e-mail messages.
I will do this by providing sample photographs taken either by myself (much too few), some of the supportive people that have helped me or by using official photos. I will at first do this by units, and with each BuNo I will then share my knowledge of the history of the individual aircraft depicted. Any additions and corrections are gratefully received. 

In May 2000 I received a package from Mr. Ray Jobes, who was with VP-16 from 1955 to 1958. His P-2 photographs from that time are now displayed on a separate page, Ray Jobes VP-16 page. A lot of others have contributed material of all sorts, but no single person has sent me the same wealth of photographs of this period when not so many people seem to have carried cameras and done so great a job of photographing the Neptune. Thank you Ray and thank you all other contributors. Without your efforts this site would only be a shadow of what it is now.

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