Neptune deployments to Keflavik.
Updated 28. February 2001.

The information here has been updated from my old list with additional information from the DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN NAVAL AVIATION SQUADRONS—Volume 2.  Available from the Naval Historical Center at this address:  It is believed to be fairly complete as to actual deployments, but may be lacking in details as to short time detachments and exercises. All comments welcome.

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Neptune squadrons in Keflavik.

Away from home Returned home
VP-10 1. Sep.51 7.Jan.52
VP-8 Jan.52 May.52
VP-7 july.52 Oct.52
VP-26 30.Sep.52 Feb.53
VP-8 Dec.52 July.53
VP-5 July.53 Dec.53
VP-8 Aug.53 Jan.54
VP-3 Dec.53 Apr.54
VP-16 May.54 Sep.54
VP-10 Oct.54 Mar.55
VP-26 Mar.55 Aug.55
VP-18 15.Sep.55 15.Feb.56
VP-23 5.Jan.56 June.56
VP-7 June.56 Nov.56
VP-16 10.Nov.56 1.Apr.57
VP-5 Mar.57 Sep.57
VP-26 5.Sep.57 5.Feb.58
VP-16 Feb.58 July.58
VP-23 Apr.58 May.58
VP-23 16.July.58 Sep.58
VP-26 22.Nov.58 4.May.59
VP-7 Jan.59 June.59
VP-21 Mar.59 Aug.59
VP-5 Apr.59 June.59
VP-24 1.May.59 5.Oct.59
VP-21 2.Mar.59 10.Aug.59
VP-18 Oct.59 Mar.60
VP-11 25.Jan.60 17.Feb.60
VP-21 2.Mar.60 10.Aug.60
VP-11 Aug.60 Jan.61
VP-26 1.Sep.60 2.Oct.60
VP-10 Jan.61 June.61
VP-26 2.June.61 Nov.61
VP-5 Dec.61 July.62
VP-16 9.Dec.61 13.Feb.62
VP-56 Apr.62 Sep.62
VP-16 10.Sep.62 Feb.63
VP-11 Feb.63 2.July.63
VP-18 July.63 Dec.63
VP-24 28.Nov.63 8.May.64
VP-7 May.64 Oct.64
VP-23 4.Oct.64 10.Mar.65
VP-56 Mar.65 Aug.65
VP-21 Aug.65 1.Feb.66
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