A short history of VU/VC-8 (Redtails)

Fleet Composite Squadron EIGHT (VC-8) was originally commissioned as Guided Missile Service Squadron TWO(GMSRON-2) at NAS Chincoteague, Virginia, in July 1958. In January 1959, the squadron was transferred to U.S. Naval Station Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico and re-designated as Utility Squadron EIGHT (VU-8) the following year. In 1965 the squadron took on the designation of Fleet Composite Squadron Eight (VC-8) and was officially disestablished on August 23, 2003 along with the last TA-4J skyhawk. VU and VC-8, however both used the Neptunes as a platform for launching the Firebee drones.

A great web for information/photographs of various Redtail aircraft/personnel is at: