TAIL CODES: PS (1961 to 1962)
Activated from NARTU Alameda: October 1, 1961
Released from active duty: August 1, 1962
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First published: 10. May 1999
Tables updated 2. June 1999.
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Neptunes of VP-872 as known on July 11, 2002

P2V-5F, 128398,
128398-ps7-256.jpg (7834 bytes)
Photographed at NAS Alameda on 14 July 1962 by William T. Larkins. Courtesy Jeffery Cultice.
P2V-5F, 131430,
Profile courtesy Jeffrey Cultice.
P2V-5F, 131472,
131472-ps2-256.jpg (7637 bytes)
Photographed off NAS Barbers Point on 25 June 1962. Photographer unknown.
Photo: Courtesy
Bob Wikkerink.
Information courtesy: Wesley A. Leiser who was in the photo plane.
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Neptunes of VP-872 as known on July 11, 2002