The Willie Victors (Navy EC-121s)
First published: 15. September 1999
Modified September 16, 2010

This page is set up to commemorate the job done by the North Atlantic Barrier in the late fifties and early sixties. There is not a lot of material on them on the internet, and I want to at least do my small part and include some photographic coverage of some of the planes of the best known squadrons, VW-11 and VW13. I don't have any coverage of VW-15 and only one photo of a VW-2 Willie Victor.

I have on October 11. 1999, added a link to some photos from the NRL and PMTC, and will in due course be adding some VQ-1 and VAQ-33 photos.  Also in the future I will be adding some photos of USAF EC-121s, both taken by me in Keflavik and others in other places. In this way, I hope to further increase the amount of material available on the Lockheed Super Constallation radar pickets, as they were once known.

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Updated January 10, 2009
An article published on, describing operations from Argentia and operational conditions flying the Barrier 24 hours each day, all year round.

WV-2 141331, MK-331 from VW-13 doing a low flyby at an airshow in Reykjavik in 1963. Photo via Baldur Sveinsson
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