Careful reading of texts is emphasised with the aim of building an active, general and business vocabulary. The use of spoken English is practised, for instance in connection with reading and listening material, and students prepare and give a speech. Writing is practised through a variety of exercises related to the subject fields being discussed, and students learn how to structure a paragraph, as well as an organised five-paragraph essay. The basic items of English grammar, particularly the ones proving difficult for Icelandic students, are reviewed. Students read a novel and short stories and work on creative projects based on the short stories.


Students read various general and business related texts. There is added stress on students expressing themselves freely, and emphasis on constructing and increasing a practical vocabulary through varied exercises in every area of skill. The basic items of English grammar, particularly the ones proving difficult for Icelandic students, are reviewed. Furthermore, the students continue practising the writing of organized paragraphs and essays. The students study vocabulary connected to Iceland, the nature and the economy, and deliver a well-structured presentation on a topic relating to Iceland. The students read a graphic novel as well as a few short stories. In this course, emphasis is placed on creative writing and students write their own short story.


Students read various general and business related texts. Works of literature are read and interpreted in a wider context, giving consideration to history and literary allusions. Emphasis is placed on students becoming capable of expressing their thoughts clearly in speech and writing and of arguing for their opinions as well as writing business letters. Students are trained in working on more extensive projects and emphasis is placed on all-around skill in the language.


The course aims to enable students to become more fluent and skilful in both written and oral communication in English with a special focus on learning business-related vocabulary. Emphasis is placed on reading varied texts in a course book based on business in order to allow students do get a deeper understanding of written vocabulary and its meaning in context. Furthermore, students read Lord of the Flies to get insight into literature and the style of classical writing. Testing of the content of the book is through both written and oral exams. Writing skills are honed by completing diverse projects such as informal class projects as well as essay writing on business topics. Students are also required to deliver a presentation fluently, without written scripts, to practise their verbal skills and delivery of content.


ENSK3ME05 introduces the study of English and American culture. The objective of this of the course is to understand British / American society and culture, as well as be able to use the vocabulary that describes it. Students will continue to develop their writing and presentation skills, as well as learn the fundamentals of doing research. The study of literature will continue through the reading of classic British / American writers.


The aim of this course is to help students improve their command of English and introduce to them vocabulary related to innovation and the arts. Students read articles and literary texts as well as material on the Internet. They are also repeatedly encouraged to analyse and assess this material both orally and in writing. Furthermore, they are given an opportunity to choose a subject matter within their sphere of interest which they approach in an innovative way. Emphasis is placed on cooperation, independence, initiative and innovation. Some of the material is covered within a limited time-frame, whereas other material is assess regularly throughout the term. 


The course is aimed at improving students‘ English skills by increasing their scientific and general vocabulary. Writing skills are enhanced in various assignments connected with science. Furthermore, students are trained in speaking for example through participation in debates. Students are expected to be responsible and show initiative, and are given opportunities to select themes to address in their studies. Examples of such themes could be climate change, space exploration, bio-technology, and artificial intelligence.


This is a theme-based course focusing on the development of advanced communication skills in English, both written and spoken. It is divided into four modules. The emphasis is on students working independently and in groups to complete various written and oral projects in preparation for university-level studies. Each module finishes with one major assignment. By the end of this course students should be able to confidently use advanced academic vocabulary in both speech and writing and demonstrate their ability to think critically and communicate their thoughts orally and in writing in a variety of contexts. Futhermore, they should be able to analyse and discuss various kinds of modern literature including short stories, novels, film and drama, understand the role of English in a global context and work productively and creatively, both independently and in small groups. 


The goal of this course is to give students the opportunity to read extensively in English, to become more fluent readers, and to discover the joy of reading as well as understanding and discussing literature and becoming aware of how literature can teach us about culture and customs of different societies. Over the term the student must choose five novels from the course book list. Each book must come from a different category.


This course is based on reading and analysing the Lord of the Rings in English. All the books are covered in various ways and are compared to Peter Jackson’s movie version. This course is ideal for those who have always wanted to read the books, as well as those who have read the books but would like to gain a deeper understanding of its themes. This course is mainly focused on reading and writing, but students are also required to deliver a presentation to practise their verbal skills and demonstrate their understanding of the subject material. 


This course is based on reading and analysing the Lord of the Rings in English. All the books are covered in various ways. The books are compared to Peter Jackson‘s movie version and other derivative works. Critical work on the books will also be covered. Writing and active participation by students is encouraged. 


In this course novels and movies in the field of science fiction are covered. The works will be examined in light of how they reflect ideas and developments in science and technology, and furthermore how they analyse current affairs and deal with classic questions from philosophy, ethics and politics. The connection between film and literature and video-games and virtual worlds will be explored.