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Japan - Iceland .:. dress code

What do Icelandic teenagers dress like? 

First of all; most icelanders are very fashion conscious. It is very important to dress fashionably. Icelandic teenagers spend high amounts of money on clothing compaired to teenagers in the countries around Iceland. 

To give you an overall view we decided to devide them into six groups. Ofcourse not every single person fitts into these groups and some fit into more than one, but this is to give you the basic idea. We took a walk around our school and took pictures of our fellow students. Then we sorted the pictures into the catagories we thought they belonged to. 

Fashion “victims” 

These people only wear designer clothes and whatever is in fashion at the moment. Price is often irrelevant; beauty is pain. Colored or bleached hair and a solarium suntan is also very poplular among this group of people. 


"street fashion" 

Second hand clothing is poplular among this group, and therefore none of these people look the same. These people want to stand out and therefore do not follow any obvious trends, but simply wear what they like and don’t care what others think. 


This group usually look very tidy and neat. They wear clothing that is classic and plain, so they are never in fashion and never out of fashion. (They can look at pictures of themselves ten years later without having to laugh about how stupid they used to dress)



The sporty people are very very likely to be into some kinds of sports like soccer, handball, cross country etc. They mostly wear brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma, etc. 


Baggy pants are very important in this group… the bigger the better. These people wear clothes that are comfortable and easy to move around in (to skate in). T-shirts and baseball caps are popular. 


Goths wear a lot of black. Leather, ripped fishnet stokings (amonst the girls), used and ripped jeans are a few things you often see this group wearing. Many of them also dye their hair black, and wear a lot of dark make-up.