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The Icelandic people is very enthusiastic and love a high living. We try to enjoy ourself enormously when we get the opportunity but because of long working hours and a lack of time we don’t always get the change to enjoy life as much as we want to. But we have a great desire of having fun because the weather in Iceland is rarely good and many people get depressed and sad if they don’t go out and meet their friends in their spare time. 
Iceland offers many activities and most of them are in Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland. We have a large number of shops, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, cinemas and theaters. Our civilization is not so different from western culture. Iceland is like a small America in the Atlantic Ocean. We live in a save and protected environment and that’s why we are so outgoing. Icelanders often want to believe that they are the center of the universe!. Icelandic people love shopping and spend a lot of money on clothes and fashionable things. We are the first to buy the newest equipment on the market despite it is not a necessity.

In the Reykjavík area are two large shopping malls, Kringlan and Smárinn, and one main shopping street. The shops are open from Monday to Sunday from 10 am to 6 pm. The shopping street is in the center of Reykjavík and is very popular in the summertime but because of the bad weather in the winter the malls are very good place to shop in. We’ve got both domestic and foreign labels and shops and it is very important for us to stay in fashion. Unfortunately the prices in Iceland are high and if you want to buy a labeld product you have to pay a lot of money.

In Iceland are many good restaurants and Icelanders go a lot more often out to dinner than they did few years ago, especially in the weekends. Of course we have the fast food places like eg., MacDonalds, Pizza Hut, KFC and Subway but we also have many nice restaurants which serve good and more expensive food. A three course meal in a fansy restaurant costs about 3500-5000 kr. It’s nice to go out to dinner with your friends or family and then afterwards go down town and check out the pubs and the discotheques.


Nightclubs and bars
…are many in Iceland and we are famous for our nightlife and sometimes we have been called “The Partyplace”. We drink a lot despite alcohol is very expensive and we are very cheerful and like to party a lot. The discotheques are open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Good nightclubs are eg. Astro, Prikiđ, Thomsen and Skuggabarinn. Bars and pubs are also very popular and there do people just hang out and drink some beers and talk to their friends. Popular bars are for example Dubliner, Glaumbar and Victor. The music makes a great deal when we go out and the clubs play different music so everyone can listen to their favorite music. To enter a night club you have to be at least 20 years old.

Films are shown in Icelandic movies before they hit Europe, so therefore cinemas are very popular in Iceland. Icelandic cinema chain Sambíó is to open the first of so-called VIP luxury cinemas this September. Their original cinema in Álfabakki is currently undergoing a complete refurbishment with a brand new lounge being set up as well as the theatres being redecorated and organised. One of these theatres is going to be renovated into an extremely comfortable site with huge lazyboyish chairs and state of the art sound system. The luxury locale, which used to room 139 people, will from now on only room 30 but the lucky 30 get electrically adjustable comfy-chairs to play with while watching the movie. Now Icelanders can enjoy the movie in a comfortable lazyboy when they go to the cinema!

Worldfamous dramas have been put one stage hier in Iceland and also original written compositions. The Commercial College of Iceland (our school) has done many popular plays the past 4 years and this year we did a musical named “Wake Me Up B4U GoGo” and it was quite a success. It is about a boy named Tommy and his mom and dad are divorced. He travels back to the year of 1984 when Duran Duran and Wham were famous groups and tries to get his parents back together. It has Duran Duran and Wham’s most popular songs and other hits from the 80’. It is the biggest amateur drama this summer and got great referees.

Many amusing things can be done in Iceland and this is just a part of it all. Tourists can go hiking, scubadiving, camping, jeepsafaring on a glacier, go to the blue lagoon and try the outdoor swimmingpools. The enormous landscape and beautiful nature offers so many opportunities. A weekend in Iceland is a once in a lifetime experience.