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  Japan - Iceland .:. food habits

Icelandic food habits are not so different from other Western nations. The national food of Iceland is fish and we sell a lot of fish to foreign countries, but we donít eat fish every time. We eat a lot of meat and vegetables also. Some people are healthy and some arenít. Even though we eat a lot of healthy food, we also eat fast food, candy, chips, ice cream and other unhealthy products. The fast food culture here in Iceland is steadily rising; people eat out more often today than they did 6 years ago. People are so busy today that they donít have time to cook, thatís why microwave dinners are really popular among people, who donít have time to cook.

Health care 
In Iceland there is a so-called public insurance system. That means when a baby is born itís automatically accepted to the health care system, that is the child gets sick itís parents pay a minimum cost for the health care or even get it free. 

Because a big part of the Icelandic states expense goes to health care service, the state is always trying to lessen the cost. But there always seems to be a shortage on money supply for the hospitals. The health care system in Iceland is very good and developed and the hospitals operation is very practical compared to the other Nordic countries. 

The language 
Icelandic is the language, which is spoken in Iceland, and is very old. It is a very important language because it has a long history. It is very important language in the history of the world because in the ca. 800-1000 when the Nordic Vikings were alive and where finding the countries of Scandinavia and America they spoke a language, which has been compared to Icelandic today. It tells us that the Icelandic language has not changed much for all these years, about 1000 years. There are not over 300,000 people in the world that speak our precious language but that is just one of the things that keeps it so special and no foreign influences can disturb it. The youth of the Icelandic nation must be aware now-a-days with all those influences that has irrupted so many languages. We must keep it safe and we must not stop speaking our language, which has seperated us from other countries in the world.