The House of Parliament

The City Hall

Įrbęr Museum

The Blue Lagoon


The "Golden Circle tour" day





One of the most interesting places that you should not miss in this unforgettable country is surely Althingi, the Parliament House. Situated in the very centre of Reykjavķk, it was built in 1798, while in the past it was located in Thingvellir. Its faēade dominates one of the main local streets and, in spite of its modest dimensions, it attracts people’s glance. As soon as you enter, you are impressed by an elegant and old-style living room whose walls are full of paintings about the Parliament’s history.

A wooden stair takes you first up to a circular blue room (where you have the possibility to enjoy the view of its very nice garden), then to the most important part of the building: the Thingsalur. It’s here that the Icelandic deputies decide about laws and rules. What really surprised us was that half Parliament members in Iceland are women!



The City Hall

The City Hall, situated near the Parliament House and on a beautiful lake (Tjörn), is the place where the Mayor has his office.

This imposing building was built in 1991 so it is one of the few new constructions in this part of the city.

If you go inside, on the first floor you can admire a big relief model of Iceland with all its beauties, for example the fascinating glaciers. On the next floor you can find the Congress Room where politicians discuss laws and national problems.

Moreover in the City Hall there is the possibility to see some paintings by Icelandic artists.



Įrbęr Museum

Įrbęr Museum is in Reykjavik. This is a special museum because there are many special houses, which show you how and where farmers lived 100 years ago. You can see differences between rich and poor farmers’ houses.

These houses nowadays make up a village: in fact in the past they were not in the same place but they were transported to Reykjavik in kit form. This creates a unique museum, because every house has got its own story about people who lived there, so that you can have an idea of how they actually lived.

This place has a kind of magic charm that brings you back in the past. Trees and grass surround the village, and there are horses all around.

The landscape creates a special atmosphere to give visitors more pleasure.





Golden Circle Tour

The Golden Circle Tour is the most popular tour in Iceland and no tourist should miss it since it covers some of the most wonderful natural attractions in Iceland.

The landmarks of this exciting itinerary are:


Are you ready now? Let's go!



When you are on your way to Žingvellir you could stop at the žingvallavatn that is one of the biggest lakes in Iceland. On the banks of the lake there is "Fifa" that is something like "arctic cotton". This place is also important because is the "meeting point" of the two platforms, the Atlantic one and the European one.

As soon as you arrive at Žingvellir you are surrounded by a flat, green land where water suddenly springs out from the rocks leaving you amazed.

We can translate Žingvellir with "Plains of Parliament" since many years ago the members of Parliament used to meet there to take their political decisions. This is why the place is dominated by an Icelandic flag that stands where the main member of the assembly spoke to all the others.

Nowadays Žingvellir is considered one of the most important symbols of Iceland's independence and unity.




When we talk about Geysir there's no need to translate the word because it is know all over the world.

The Geysir area is on the South West of Iceland and here you can walk through paths that lead past steaming vent and colorful formations.

There are many Geysir in this area but unfortunately the Great Geysir is decaded in recent times. Only in special occasion you can "wake it up" just with some soapand look at spuming jet of steaming water 200 feet skywarp. "The" Geysir, the most active one, is Strokkur which spout a 60-100 feet jet about once every 5 minutes.

It is a breathtaking experience beacuse you can never expect such a power from the earth.





Gullfoss means "Golden Falls" and is the most powerful waterfall in Iceland. They are called in this way because when the sun is shining they are golden-coloured.

They are about 30 mt. high and it is a breathtaking view for every tourist walking in the long green path next to the huge waterfalls.







This is a huge vulcanic conus full of green water that reflects the sky.

It is a unactive vulcan that now preserves its beauty and power in the union of the rocks and the coloured water.

You can walk all aroud the circle looking amazed at the big great surrounding flat land that gives you a strong feeling of freedom.







 This is a small town famous for its green-house where they grow every kind of plants, fruit and flowers. The most particular thing in this place is that here you can find also tropical fruit such as bananas!!!! You can't buy bananas, in fact this is just to show that also in Iceland where the weather is very cold, it is possible to product everything. In this town you can also buy some typical products such as postcards, pullovers, brochures, maps and a lot of souvenirs.






Horseback riding


On 16 September we went to Laxnes, where there were experts on riding. When we arrived there, we were very hesitanting because nobody have never ridden before.

After a few minutes we started our walk and it became to be very exating.

We went to the country-road for about two hours with two guides.

The landscape was very nice: there were mountains with glaces, brooks but there weren’t trees…only meadow.

During the walk we make us to panic: horses began to gallop and we didn’t know what we had to do.

Fortunately after a few minutes the situation was better and we calm down.

After we have finished our horse-route we came back to the start point; there we have left our horses and then we have taken the bus to Reykjavik.



The Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is undoubtedly one of the most relaxing and incredible places we visited in Iceland. It is situated near Reykjavik and it is a wide lagoon where you cannot find crystal-clear water: the water is completely light blue because there are many minerals and substances in suspension like sulphur and some of them also form a thick deposit on the bottom of the lagoon. This gives the water its unique colouring.

Maybe you are thinking that this wonderful place is as "frosty and icy" as its island, but it is not true! In fact the temperature of the lagoon water is about 40°C and its mineral-rich water is used for thermal cures and is very good for skin diseases. However we suggest that you take care of your hair: its not good for it!

Blįa Lónid (the Blue Lagoon) is one of the best examples to understand how nature is an untamed and vital force in this uncontaminated island. To us relaxing and swimming here was a dream, but we were lucky since for us it has become true! Also it was the first time that we were bathing in hot water while It was raining: it was so unusual but so pleasant!. It was like being on a big white cloud surrounded by blue…like in a paradise. This idea made us relax, but at the same time it was so exciting!

What about you? Are you ready to try this unique experience?





In Iceland all people knows that one of the most breathtaking landscape is Langjokull glacier.

Before arriving to the glacier, you should have a stop in Deindartungunver: a big hot watercourse which creates a magic atmosphere thanks to the contrast with the cold air around.

Certainly, in Iceland, you can find many wonderful waterfalls, since it is one of the famous region rich of water; in fact you can visit Hraunfossar, which shocks every visitors, thanks to the power of so much water against the rock. It seems the only thing alive, which gives light to the empty landscape.

In Iceland there is much water but also much snow, in fact in a short time, you can be surrounded by a white blanket. For this reason it is very difficult to visit the glaciers, because a strong tempest could surprise you, but this makes it even more exciting.

The wind can be so strong, that could prevent you from going to the glacier, as it happened to us. So we were very disappointed and we were forced to come back.

Even if we couldn’t visit the famous Langjokull we enjoyed ourselves thanks to good company and to the splendid scenery that we visited.




If you go in Iceland it is indispensable for your amusement to do activities like to swimming, riding, skating, ……

Perhaps you are thinking that this activities are very simple so you can do these in your country too, but we tried them and we are sure that in Iceland they are different!

For example we suggest you to have fun with your friends in many swimming-pools situated in the surrounding area of Reykjavik. You’ll find yourself submerged in a cold water, when outside it will be raining or even it will be snowing, it’s incredible, isn’t it? There will be not only a simple bath; because you will have the possibility to relax in a Jacuzzi or in a whirlpool. If you prefer to stay in a colder place, you can go in inside swimming pools. This is suitable for all kind of people, young people, children, adults and old people, too, because the cold water helps your bodies.