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I.T.S.A.S. "E. di Savoia" -Bari-

Hi, my name is Asta Baerings and I am 18 years old. I had a great time in Italy and I learned a lot about the people of Italy. We found out that there are many differences between our countries but of course we respect that. Well, the only thing that I can say is that the project went well and everybody had a good time.

My name is Emilia Sjofn Kristinsdottir and I am 18 years old. I live in Reykjavik, Iceland. I found this project very stimulating and maturing. Our Italian friends were all very nice and I felt welcome when I visited Italy. I loved their country and it was very interesting to be able to visit so many beautiful and historical places.

My name is Katrin Dogg Hilmarsdottir and I am 17 years old. I think that this project is a good way to get to know other countries and their culture. When we travel as tourists and stay at hotels we are not as close to the Italians and their habits. We stay at their homes and therefore we are part of their own environment and get to know them better. Italians are great people.

My name is Valdimar Kristjonsson and I am 18 years old. I have had a good time in Italy and this project has been very educating and interesting. I like the Italian people because they are very nice and now I have a lot of new friends. It was also great to see the Italian nature and landscape because it is so unlike Iceland. So thanks to you all!

Hello my name is Arny Bjorg Isberg and I am 18 years old. I have learned a lot from my visit to Italy I have experienced many new things and I learned a little bit in Italian. And of course I enjoyed the great weather. The project work was fun because we all worked together and the result was good.

My name is Adalheidur Olafsdottir. I am 18 years old and I come from Kopavogur which is the suburb next to Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. I go to a school that is called the Commercial College of Iceland. I went to Italy with my class and I liked it very much. The country is very beautiful, the weather is very good and warm and I like the landscape. But of course the culture in Italy is different from the culture in Iceland but I think that it is good because it is always nice to get to know something different from your own habits. And also I met a lot of lovely Italians girls who all made me feel welcome. My opinion of this project is that it was very good, fun and also a learning experience.

My name is Gudlaug Finnsd˛ttir and I am 18 years old. I come from Iceland and I live in K˛pavogur, the suburb next to Reykjavik the capital of Iceland. I found Italy very different from Iceland e.g. the climate which was wonderful, the landscape and particularly the culture. All the girls were very nice and I made a lot of good friends. I learned a lot from our trip to Italy and I wish to come back some time.

 My name is Omar Ingi Akason and people call me Ommi. I am 18 years old. I have had a great time in Italy and I like Italy very much. Italy has a beautiful nature, high temperature and great football teams. This project has been very educating and fun, especially because I have been with a terrific group of Italian girls and now I have a lot of new friends. Thanks girls.

Hello, my name is Erla Maria Davidsdottir, I am 17 years old and I come from Reykjavik, Iceland. I found this project to be very educating and interesting, the Italians were very nice and made us all feel very welcome. I can surely say that we all made good friends, laughed a lot and had a lot of fun. Italy is a very beautiful country and I will miss it.

My name is Hrafn Eyjolfsson and I am always called Hrabbi. I am 18 years old and I come from Reykjavik, Iceland. I have liked this project very much because I have gotten to know so many new people. I think that this project has been very interesting and entertaining and I think that Italian people are very friendly.

Hello my name is Reynir, I am 18 years old and I live in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. I had a great time in Italy and I like the country very much and I think it is very beautiful. The Italian people are very nice and friendly and especially our Italian friends. I hope I will be able to come back to Italy sometime in the future.

Hello my name is Einar. I am 18 years old. We have had a great time in Italy, but it has also been very difficult to adjust to different culture and habits. The weather was great 30 – 35░ every day. It was a great experience.

Hello my name is Frida Hronn Hallfredsdottir. I am 18 years old and I am from Iceland, Reykjavik. It has been a great experience to work on this project with the Italian girls. The weather here is much different from Icelandic weather, and I like it. Italy is a beautiful country.

Hi, my name is Steinunn and I am from Iceland. I thought this was a great experience and I had a lot of fun. We made some good friends and got to learn a lot about Italian culture and got to see the beautiful landscape. Some day I will definately come back.

My name is Kristin Katla Swan and I’m 18 years old. I live in a suburb of Reykjavik, Alftanes. I have a father, a mother and one sister. My father’s name is Edward (52), my mother’s name is Gudrun Edda (47) and finally, my sisters name is Brynja Stephanie (24). I have enjoyed very much working on this project and it has been nice to get to know another country in this way and also to get to know different traditions and culture.

My name is Dora Vidarsdottir and I live in Gardabaer which is a suburban in Reykjavik. I am an 18 year old student at the Commercial College of Iceland. When I came to Italy I really felt welcome because the family I lived with and the Italian students were very nice. During our stay here we visited many places which were both very beautiful and interesting. I had a great time taking part in this project and I would love to take part in another one.




I’ m Alessandra Bagnulo, I’ m eighteen years old and I live and study in Bari, in the south of Italy. When I went to Iceland I enjoyed myself very much and I liked that nation so different from mine. I’ll remember everything forever and especially my Icelandic friends (Erla is my best friend!). I wish to come back to Iceland to live the same emotions that I lived when I was there again!!!!!!!


Hi boys and girls,

I’m Carmen Menchise and I would like to say something about my exciting trip to Iceland.

Well, I had the time of my life there because I met interesting people and I saw beautiful places I didn’t know about.

I hope to go back there one day and to see all of my Icelandic friends again.


Hello! My name is Daniela and I’m 18. I’m a very lucky girl because I have been in Iceland. I never forget this amazing country, where the ice and fire "live" together. Don’t you think it is fantastic? If you want to enjoy this breathtaking landscape, you have to visit Iceland and you won’t regret it!!!!!!!

Bless Bless ! Daniela


Hi, my name is Dominga I think that I'll never forget this experience. It was very important because it helped me to grow up and to open my mind. Now I feel very rich because this trip has given me very much in many ways. I have learnt how to adapt myself to situations completely different from my daylife experience.

According to me Iceland will always represent a New World that I have learnt to appreciate.


"HÓllo", my name is Fabiola Nitri and I’m an Italian student. In September I went to Iceland where I had so much fun with Icelandic guys. This trip gave us the opportunity to meet new people and to know a different culture.

It’s difficult to find the most suitable words to explain the great experience that I had with my friends and teachers because Iceland is wonderful and I'll never forget anything about it !!!!!!!

Bless Bless



I am Francesca Pellegrino and I’m one of the girls that have made the exchange with Icelandic boys and girls.

I enjoyed my stay in Iceland very much. Hrabbi (my Icelandic partner) and his family were very nice and I hope that this wonderful experience will be able to go on.

I hope that he liked staying in Bari and living with my family as I did when I was in his country.


Travelling means discovering and learning new things. It’s not so easy to describe this last month ‘cause it has been great and amazingly rich. I’ve met new friends, I’ve seen wonderful places and much more…..Now I know this experience is something very important in my life that will always have a place in my heart and I really want to thank all the people that gave me the possibility to live this incredible month.

Bless, bless Lisa Nitti (18 years old)


Hi Everybody ,

I’m Marianna Mesecorto and I would like to let you know that my trip to Iceland was very interesting. It was my first trip abroad and it was very exciting...although it was very cold. I met many friendly people and I visited wonderful places.

I would like to repeat this experience and to see my friends again.


Hi ! My name is Roberta Basilio and I can tell you that I will always remember this trip as one of the best experiences of my life. What about Iceland ? It’s very difficult to explain my impressions about this country in a few words, I just can say that it is a breathtaking land !!!


Hi!! I’m Roberta and I’m a lucky girl because I went to Iceland too . I think that this trip was very important because I discovered new people, a new culture and country. I enjoyed myself very much and I’ll never forget this experience and the people that I met there.


I want to tell you something about my experience, I’m going to try..

I can define it by a single word, that is "UNIQUE" ! I think that the most important thing is what we learnt… to underastand the other people, to respect them and their opinion, … because to travel doesn’t only mean amusement or relax!

I feel that something is changing in me, now I see things in a different way ! Try somenthing like this, then you will understand my opinion!

Bye-Bye Rossana


Hi, my name is Rossella Moretti and I'm a student of V B "ERICA".

I just want to tell you that I didn't take part in this exciting trip, even if I'd like to do this important experience for my own background….anyway it was interesting for me to know other foreign people and their culture, thanks to the fact that they came here to Bari…and for this reason I think that I'm a lucky girl, too!!!



I'm Simona and I’m eighteen years old.

I have had a great experience: I went to Iceland for two weeks!!

The place was ReykjavÝk . There I met ┴sta’s family (the girl that hosted me), they were very nice with me, and now I have a lot of foreign friends!!

I saw extraordinary places and this is why I think that in the future I’ll go back!


Hi, I'm Titti Digioia, one of the girls of V B "ERICA", who had the possibility to take part in this trip.

This was a wonderful experience rich of surprises and news that help me to grow up…in spite of the big difference beetwen the two countries.

Now I think that I am a different person….maybe a better one.


Hello girls and boys!!!

I’m Valentina Ingrosso and I’m eighteen years old. I live in Bari. On 4th September I went to Iceland with my class and I spent two lovely weeks. There I enjoyed myself and I met many people. I think that now I have an Icelandic brother. His name is Reynir. He is a lovely boy and I think that I’ll miss him.


Hi! My name is Vanessa Pacillo and I’m 17 years old.

I’m an Italian student and in September I went to Iceland.

I don’t know how can I explain my feelings about this experience because it was very……….. very beautiful. I think that I can just compare it to a dream that I will always remember.

According to me travelling in a foreign country helps you to grow and get matured because you can meet new people of a different culture. So I recommend you to start your experience going to Iceland, a breathtaking land, unique in many ways.


Hi!! I’m Viviana Albergo and I spent nearly a month in a wonderful way. Iceland is one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is so different from Italy and for this reason very interesting. Certainly, there were bad aspects, too: it is very difficult to adapt yourself to so "strange" a country for us, but every experience helps to mature. We have been comparing every thinghs: culture, religion, society, lifestyle! I enjoyed myself very much and I hope, of course, that they are doing the same!!-


Hi guys! I’m Katia Cuccovillo and with my class friends, this year I’ve been to Iceland. This has been my first trip abroad and I could never imagine that I would have been so lucky to live such an incredible experience! Iceland is a very special country, especially for its unforgettable and breathtaking nature … it’s like being in paradise (but a very cold paradise)! I really think that it’s one of those places that you shouldn't miss visiting during your whole life!!!