The library of the Commercial College of Iceland is intended for the students and staff of the college. Access to all books and records is open and unrestricted. The library offers students excellent facilities for studying and assists them in obtaining information and locating sources. 
The library's website is clear and comprehensive with the emphasis on easy access to electronic material. Here you will find convenient links to databases, electronic magazines and books as well as sophisticated search engines. 
On the home page of the Commercial College / Bókasafn you can consult the library's electronic catalogue where all computerized data is available any time at the click of a mouse.
The library moved in April /May 2004 to a new building on the 4th floor specially designed as a library, with very functional and flexible design furniture and shelves - both for patrons and staff.

Head Librarian

The library serves an important function in the college.  The head librarian's role is to

  • be in charge of the daily operation of the library

  • implement the registration of all library items

  • select and purchase books and other source materials

  • instruct students and staff on the use of the library and give assistance to anyone gathering information

  • present and promote the library within the college

  • write a report on the library service at the end of each school year.

The Library

The library of the Commercial School of Iceland is an information center open to the students and the entire college staff.  Its opening hours are from 8:00 – 19:00 on Mondays through Thursdays and from 8:00 – 15:00 on Fridays.  During examinations attempts are made to meet the requirements of the students by extending the opening hours.  The library was first opened in the new Commercial College of Iceland building in 1986.  It is housed on the 3 rd and 4 th floors of the building.  The reception desk, dictionaries and other reference books together with CD-roms and an Internet connection facility are located on the 4th  floor.  Access to a colour scanner and colour printer is also available there.  There are reading areas for students on both the 3 rd and 4 th floors.  There is unrestricted and open access to all the resource materials of the library so the students can explore all its study aids at will.

The facility is an excellent study facility.  It also provides both a personal information service and assistance to students in search of sources of many kinds.  It does not only contain books, but also newspapers, magazines, talking books, diskettes, videotapes, DVD disks and a comprehensive collection of newspaper clippings.  All visitors to the library have a free access to many electronic data bases and Internet connections.

The selection of library books is in the hands of qualified librarians, the college administrators, the teachers and other staff.  Suggestions from the students are always welcome.  The librarians provide the information service and answer inquiries.  New library items are on display for a certain period of time.  Lists of new items are displayed on the Internet, in the staff room and outside the library door. 

The latest magazine copies are placed on slanting shelves in the library whereas older issues are in storage.  Encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference books are kept in the entrance area near the reception desk.  The clipping collection is very helpful to students doing research on special assignments.   The library web page is of multiplex composition with an emphasis on an easy access to electronic resources.  There are connections to data bases, electronic magazines and books, search engines and many different kinds of information for easy use.  

All new library material is recorded as soon as it arrives.  A special search engine, Leitir.is is used for this purpose.  Loans are computerized.  Therefore borrowers are required to have their names attached to items borrowed and are personally responsible for them.  No one can borrow books without being entered in the library computer system.  The time limit for any item borrowed is one week unless arrangements are made otherwise.